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I Ching. The Book of Changes. For countless centuries emperor and peasant, scholar and unlearned alike have sought to understand the timeless wisdom and . The IChing Not the most ancient of,the Chinese books. The Text much older than the Appendixes ever changing, and the changes in external pheno- mena . Preface to The Illustrated Book of Changes Li Yan (Zhuangbei Beginning in the Shang Dynasty (16thth century B.C.), or even further back, China's Book of.

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I Ching Book of Changes - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Acupuncture Book. Undoubtly the I Ching is one of the most important books in world literature. It contains .. Be attentive also for changes that signal a time to retreat. In the realm . The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the most widely read of the five Chinese Classics. . But, in this PDF edited version, each particular appendix has also been.

Jason has been an online writer for over 12 years. His articles focus on everything from philosophy to product reviews. It dates back more than 3, years to the Zhou Dynasty in China the book provided the inspiration for the Zhou dynasty to overthrow the Shang Dynasty in BC. The book is a foundation for both Confucianism and Taoism despite how different these two philosophies are. Call me what you want, but the I Ching divination has given me remarkably good advice over the years. I started in mid and do a reading for myself every month or so. A reading involves tossing 3 coins six times, and recording the number of heads and tails. The pattern gives you an answer to your question. I've been maintaining my I Ching journal since What do I need to start? If you want to use the traditional non-electronic method, you'll need: 3 coins, preferably those that have some meaning to you paper and pen a guidebook I personally use three Dutch guilder coins, since my time in Netherlands has special significance to me, and with the advent of the euro, these coins are out of circulation. For my parents, I bought pennies off site minted on the years of their birth, of their immigration to the US, and of their marriage. I keep the coins in a simple, small Chinese silk coin holder.

Take stock of yourself and your situation, and work on any insecurities that cause internal imbalance. Hexagram 6 Sung—Contention Conflict Heaven over Water By forcing your viewpoint instead of accepting what comes, you've brought on opposition. Let go of your fears, doubts and impatience, and communicate with others to develop an understanding that will resolve conflict. Accept and respect the advice of someone wiser than you are. Be an inspiration to others, and enjoy their support towards achieving a worthy goal.

Hexagram 8 Pi—Union Holding Together Water over Earth Examination of your own actions and words for their sincerity will lead to stronger bonds with others. Be steadfast in your principles; don't give in to temptations and difficulties. Be true and sincere, and you'll achieve a lot. Remain focused on your plan and surpass obstacles with gentleness and decorum. Stay focused on the long term. Plant the seeds for success now, and reap a bountiful harvest in the future. Cultivate tolerance, patience, detachment and adaptability.

Understand that all you have the power to change is yourself. Do not be subservient to those above you nor domineering to those below you. This will give you the confidence you need to succeed. It is possible to grow to great heights but keep your inner balance that has brought you here.

Do not become complacent now. Your run of good fortune has begun to wane. Retreat into yourself and have faith that things will improve sooner if you stick to your plans and don't give up. Deal with reservations and dissent earlier, to head off problems down the road. Now is an opportunity for you to shine, but don't forget to keep your humility and integrity.

If you abuse your strength, you will lose it. You can deal with any challenge if you remain modest and don't lose sight of what's right. You have the momentum and energy to see plans through. Avoid egocentricity. Hexagram 17 Sui—Following Lake over Thunder Accept the way things are and stay steady in response to events. Inner truth and acceptance will lead to contagious happiness.

There is an opportunity to fix the situation by righting wrong ideas and attitudes. You need strength of character and decisive action, but first figure out where the source of disorder is. When you've identified it, work quickly.

Your undertakings will meet with success. People above you will offer help and support. Don't lose sight of what brought you here. The creative power of the universe works in mysterious ways, influencing situations and people.

Hexagram 21 Shih Ho—Biting Through Fire over Thunder There is an obstacle here, possibly an incorrect attitude that needs to be dealt with. Try to see the problem clearly.

Forcefulness will bring misfortune. Use your inner strength to withdraw. Attempting to influence the situation will only prolong it. Withdraw now, wait patiently, and allow everything to settle. Watch and wait as things progress on their own.

Consolidate your strength and energy for the time of growth that is coming soon. Nip cynicism in the bud, so intuition can flow and so that you can be receptive to the advice of a wiser adult. Hexagram 26 Ta Ch'u—Taming Force Mountain over Heaven Remain calm and detached in the face of hostile provocations from others who seek to undermine your resolve. Your character is being tested.

Hold on to your inner truth. Use these difficulties as opportunities to understand the situation better. Some people may be afraid and jealous of your spiritual progress.

Ignore them and stay focused. Hexagram 27 I—Nourishment Mountain over Thunder By feeding the desires of the ego, we encourage the growth of inferior spiritual qualities such as envy, self-pity, and distrust. Through meditation we cultivate tranquility and receptiveness that allows wisdom to flow in. It is likely you'll give in.

You understandably want to escape the situation, but that will only delay the inevitable. Constantly running weakens your resolve and worsens your problems.

Understanding the I Ching: The Wilhelm Lectures on the Book of Changes

A time to stand firm. You are ready. Rely on your inner truth and integrity and you will emerge stronger. This might require a sacrifice, but you will see the fruits of your efforts if you persevere. Line Five—yang You are determined to take the trip: It is auspicious only to go back where you started. Tai Diagram 11 Good!

Lost a small one but gained a big one. How fortunate! This is a good omen for an expedition. Line Two—yang He who has the ambition to conquer the world will not forget his principle although he has traveled far and wide. He "takes the middle way" and claims much credit for it. And there is no going without coming back. It is not wrong to predict the prospects in hardship. Don't worry about coming back after going out; you will be lucky in having nice food to eat.

Line Four—yin Complacent: Nor be wary of the captured. He was fortunate from then on—fortunate from the very beginning. The city wall collapsed into the moat.

It was not the right time to send out troops. An order was given inside the camp: This is not suitable for a gentleman to predict his prospects. Bigger ones are lost and smaller ones obtained. Bottom line—yin When you give a twitch to the grass, the weeds near it are also pulled up because their roots are entwined. This is a good omen. Line Three—yin Condone other people's humiliation. It is fortunate for a great man to be away from persons who ill-inform him. Nearly collapsed! But it is fortunate that much attention has been paid to agriculture.

It is good fortune to be on good terms with others in the field. It is the right time to go across a big river and for a gentleman to predict his prospects. Line Two—yin It is not good to be close only to people of the same ancestor as you. Line Four—yang Ascending the enemy's city wall does not necessarily means you have captured it.

It is auspicious to continue attacking. People having similar ideals and beliefs gather in the field, not regretting what they have done in the past. There is no mutual offense. Without the root of disaster, there will be no fruit of disaster. The nobility can contribute their harvest to the son of heaven; a common person is not able to do so. The prisoners of war were tied up to show the arrogance of the victors. Great auspiciousness. It is not had at all. A modest person will succeed Such a gentleman will have a good end.

Publicizing modesty means auspiciousness. Go smoothly everywhere by publicizing modesty. He who is well-known for his modesty is suitable to lead troops to invade other city states. Bottom line yin Plans divulged will throw you into, danger. You will surely feel regret for your hesitation and even more so for your slow actions. Since you have not miss the good opportunity, you are able to wear strings of treasure on your head.

Line Five—yin It is predicted that the disease will last, but will not cause early death. Sui Diagram 17 Be content wherever you go: No calamity. Prediction shows that the future is auspicious, so go out and make contacts which will be fruitful.

Line Two—yin The boy is being tied up, so the 'able-bodied man escaping. Line Three—yin The able-bodied man is being tied up, but the boy escaping. Chase him and you will get something. Suitable for staying at home quietly to predict the future. Line Four—yang The war prisoners following you forebode danger.

While guarding them on the road you show them "What are calamities? Top line—yin The war prisoners, tied up one by one, were used by the king as sacrifices to the Western Hill.

Bottom line—yin Intervene in the errors of your father's affairs. Such an honest son will prevent calamities and danger froth happening. The final result is auspicious.

It is difficult to predict what the future will be like. Line Three—yang Intervene in the errors of your father's affairs. You will seldom feel regret and it will not harm the general affairs.

Line Four—yin You will encounter difficulties if you put up with the errors in your father's affairs. Line Five—yin You must use past honour when you intervene in the errors of your father's affairs. You set about to work. Things went smoothly from the very beginning. This is good for predicting the future.

But you will run into trouble in the eighth lunar month. You sense something very good will happen. Everybody has come. Something good, nothing unfavorable at all happen. Foitunately, no disaster occurred. Line Four—yin Keep yourself busy doing something; this will do no harm to you. Handle things with a kind and tolerant heart and you will be lucky without calamities. The war prisoner looked frightened.

To observe the world from the perspective of a child will not do a common person any harm. But it will do no good to a gentleman. Line Three—yin Observe common people by your side before you decide to advance or to retreat.

Line Five—yang It will do a gentleman no harm if he visits the common people and see how they live. If you have enough to eat and drink, you may handle lawsuit cases smoothly. Bottom line—yang The prisoner in the cell is in shackles. No danger yet. Line Two—yin Bite a large chunk of meat which touched your nose. No bad things at present. You feel a little unwell but is not serious. Line Four—yang You met a bronze arrowhead when you ate meat with bones. This is auspicious—predicting prospects in hard times.

This foreboded danger but no calamities would occur. Lightly favorable, so go ahead. Have tattoos on the toes. Get out of the cart and walk on foot. The decorative design is so glossy, it forebodes eternal auspiciousness. Line Four—yin It is well-trimmed. The white horse is galloping with its head raised high. They are not bandits, they, are suitors. Line Five—yin Rolls of silk are stored in the beautifully-decorated garden.

Some are damaged, but it is auspicious after all. Corrosion indicates that going out will not benefit you. It is ominous if you ignore predicting the future. Line Two—yin The bed is falling apart. It is ominous if you forget to predict the future. It is bad luck if you move your body to the dilapidated bed. You will succeed wherever you go. Fruits are left uneaten. The gentleman has got a cart and the little man is building his own house.

Did not fall ill going out and coming in. Obtained strings of treasure but did not court trouble. Come back from the road which you go out along and do it once every seven days. It is good w go out. Bottom line—yang Return after walking a short distance. Nothing to regret and auspicious from the very beginning.

Going back and forth like a shuttle will get you into trouble. Fortunately, nothing bad has happened. Resume honesty and you will not regret. You will suffer total defeat if you command your army like this. Since the king of the kingdom has an ominous fate, nothing will make up for the loss of the expedition within ten years.

Wu Wang Diagram 25 Rein in your passion. Things will go smoothly from the very beginning, and it is suitable for predicting the future. If you do not take the right road you will get into trouble and not be suitable to go ahead. You have harvest from uncultivated land, and cultivated land is not left to waste either. Under such circumstances it is the right time to explore your prospects.

A cow tied to a post here was led away by a passer-by. This is a calamity to us who live nearby if blamed.

The Illustrated Book of Changes: I Ching

Line Four—yang Can predict the future and there is no calamity. Top line—yang Give rein to your emotion. If not, disaster is ahead. There is no benefit whatever. It is suitable for predicting the future.

It is auspicious if you do not stay and eat at home. Suitable for crossing a big river. Bottom line—yang A danger is looming up. You should stop immediately.

Steeds chasing each other means it is suitable to predict the future.

Practice a chariot fight every day for defense. Suitable to go ahead. This is auspicious from the very beginning. Line Five—yin It is auspicious that the little pig ' s teeth are beginning to grow. Yi Diagram 27 A plump face is an indication of auspiciousness. Look at his face and you will know that he has enough food to spare. This is ominous.

Your face is trembling and you brush your cheeks with your hands. If this continues, it is ominous. Line Three yin Brushing your face with hands indicates bad luck. You will not be able to give full play to your talent within ten years, so success is out of your reach. Line Four—yin His face is trembling, but it is still auspicious.

He looks at his object like a tiger, his expression indicating that he is going to jump at it. No mistakes will be made. Line Five—yin Brushing your cheeks with your hands. Stay quietly at home to make a prediction, the result of which is auspicious. Should not go across a big river. Top line—yang From his expression we can tell that a crisis has been avoided.

This is auspicious and is suitable to cross a big river. It is auspicious to go out and things will be fine. Bottom line yin Spread white and soft thatch on the ground and sit on it ; this will not do you any harm. Nothing bad will happen. It is ominous that the house beam is bent under heavy weight. However, a snake creeps in and there is danger. Flowers bloom on a withered poplar; an old lady married a young man.

This will do her no harm, but it is not an honour either. But no harm is done. Kan Diagram 29 You maintained popular morale under dangerous circumstances because you captured some enemies.

When you take actions, you will succeed and be awarded. How ominous it is. Things do not go well and this is dangerous. You would be satisfied with a little success. You fell into the trap and could not move even if you are struggled. Line Four—yin A cup of wine, two vessels of rice and pottery tableware were collected from the window. No disaster happened until the end of the sacrifice ceremony. Not bad. Top line—yin The man who is bound by ropes is put in jail and not allowed to enjoy amnesty within three years.

It is auspicious to raise a cow. Being respectful from the beginning—this is right since nobody will blame a polite person. Sing in the rays of the setting sun without beating the pot. An old man came and cried, "Bad news. Men died in a blazing fire and things were discarded.

Line Five—yin Tears ran down their cheeks like rain and they were crying sadly. This is auspicious for a heart-stricken army will win. Although some of the captives were not his soldiers, no big problems occurred. Xian Diagram 31 The man and the woman enjoyed contacting each other.

It is auspicious to marry a woman. Touched her calf. This is not good. It is better to stop. Then they will make love. You feel auspicious, and regrets should come to an end. You feel hesitant, but your partner is doing exactly what you want. Touched her cheeks and the tip of her tongue. It is suitable to predict the future and go ahead.

Bottom line—yin Ceaseless extortion forebodes bad luck, not beneficial. If you can't maintain modesty you will be humiliated by others. This indicates that things will go wrong. Maintaining modesty, it is good luck to predict a woman while it is bad luck to predict a man. To raise pigs is a good thing and is suitable for predicting the future. Bind the pig with ropes made from ox's hide and the pig will not be able to set itself free. But it is auspicious to take male or female slaves.

A fat pig is lovely. It is auspicious for gentlemen but not auspicious for common people. It is only beneficial to raise fat pigs. Da Zhuang Diagram 34 Bottom line—yang Strong: Feet are strong.

It is dangerous to set on an expedition, but it turned out that you captured enemy soldiers. It is dangerous for a common person to parade his superiority and for a gentleman to feel puzzled over something. It is like a goat running into a fence—its horns got stuck. The fence is broken and the rushing goat has collided with the cart wheel because it could not slow down.

Line Five—yin You do not regret the loss of your goat during interaction. This cannot be said to be beneficial.

I Ching Reading: A Step-by-Step Guide | Exemplore

Stranded here is auspicious. The king gave the marquis some horses of fine breed. Marquis Kang had the horses propagate and people had to deliver many times in one day.

Although you did not capture enemy soldiers or get anything valuable, you did not make any mistakes. Line Two—yin It is auspicious if you feel a little bit worried as you advance. This is due to the blessings of your grandmother.

Advancing like a rat indicates danger. It is auspicious to go ahead as usual. When you are determined to go on an expedition, it might proceed like this: Conclusion of the prediction: Bottom line—yang "A lone duck flies among the sunrays": The gentleman is out on a trip and has not eaten anything for three days. But he must go on because his host has something to tell him. The horse looked more powerful. How auspicious! The setting sun cast a shadow over the hunting ground to the south where big game was caught.

It was difficult to predict what was going to happen immediately. The rays moved to my heart when I stood at the gate of my house. As he went underground, it was the right time to predict the future. Top line—yin Not bright, then dark, because after the sun rises, it moves up to the heaven and falls below the horizon sometime later. Jia Ren Diagram 37 Home is suitable for a woman to predict the future.

There is not a particular job you want to do. So you stay at home doing , the cooking. But it is auspicious in the end. Women and children are always giggling by making jokes with each other. This will invite trouble finally. Line Four—yin It is extremely auspicious to bring prosperity to your home.

Line Five—yang Our king wants to stay in your house temporarily. Don't be frightened for it is auspicious. Top line—yang To win prestige is auspicious after all. Although they are different in form they have the same intention. Even a trivial matter will be auspicious if it is like this. Bottom line—yang Worries are gone: There is no trouble even if you see an evil person. Line Three—yin Line Two—yang You encountered your master in the street and nothing unfavorable happened.

You saw a cart carrying goods. The bull that drew the cart raised its horns. The cart driver is a man whose forehead was inked and nose cut off as a punishment. It is not smooth at the beginning but the final result is not bad.

It seemed to be dangerous but nothing happened. Worries are gone. People of the same ancestor are gnawing meat. Why don't I go over and share the meat with them? As I walked alone I saw a pig whose back was smeared with mud and a cart packed with people from the Kingdom of Guifang.

You were alerted and pulled up your bow, but soon you happily greeted them holding a vessel of wine in your hand because they were not bandits. They were suitors.

As you went over, it began to rain. That was an omen of auspiciousness. Jian Diagram 39 There are hardships. Southwest is favorable and northeast is unfavorable. It is suitable for the emergence of a great man and it is auspicious in predicting the future. Line Two—yin Officers experience many hardships not because of himself. You'd better come back.

You will experience many hardships to go there, but when you come back you will have a cooperator. Top line yin You have experienced hardships to go out but brought back much wealth. This is auspicious and suitable for a great man to emerge. Southwest is favorable. Do not go in other directions. Even if you go it is auspicious that you return to where you started. If you go again it is auspicious that you set out in the morning. Bottom line-yin No mistakes were made. This indicated auspiciousness.

You took some goods and got on a cart This attracted the attention of bandits who attacked you. This indicated great trouble. Line Five—yin The gentleman who had been bound was freed. This was auspicious.

He then captured a bad man. You captured enemies. It was auspicious from the beginning and no mistakes were made. The future could be predicted: What shall we offer to the sacred?

Two vessels of food. No mistakes were made but you must be frugal. Prediction will show that the expedition is dangerous. But do not intend to save the expenditure; instead, you must increase it. Line Four—yin You will recover if you can find a treatment as soon as you fall ill.

No mistakes. Get an honest, hard -,liking minister. It is suitable to go out and cross a big river. It is suitable to give full play to your talent. It is auspicious from the beginning and no mistakes will be made. I F- Line Two—yin Line Three—yin Someone sent you an intelligent turtle which is worth ten strings of treasure and you must accept it. It portends auspiciousness for an extended period.

It is auspicious when the king offers it as a sacrifice to god. It is not wrong to use the increased income to solve dangerous things. Captured some enemy soldiers. Walk on the middle path—reporting to the lord holding a jade tablet in hand. Line Four—yin Line Five—yang Walk on the middle path and report to the lord. Hope that he will listen to your suggestion: Comfort the captives, do not punish them for their crimes. It is auspicious doing so: Ng Top m , J' line--yang You have not get any irit: You are unable to stick to your ambitions.

Guai Diagram 43 The decision was announced in the king's court: It was not favorable to resort to force; instead, the problem had to be solved by peaeoful means.

But you did not win because you made mistakes. Shouted vigilantly, "There will be a fight at twilight, but don't be frightened. G CJ o i Ad. The face being injured is a bad omen. The gentleman was determined to go along on his own and was caught in the rain.

He was not happy because his clothes were soaked. So far no mistakes were made. Line Four—yang He scraped his buttocks and found it difficult to move. He regretted the loss of his goat. All he heard was insincere nonsense. Line Five—yang Edible purslane grows in the field. It does one no harm if he is determined to walk the middle path.

Top line—yin The screaming stopped. There would finally be bad luck. Tr sale Gou Diagram 44 Bottom line—yin Encounter: Do not marry her. It is auspicious if you hold the brake. As you move on, an ominous omen will appear: Line Three—yang You scraped your buttocks and found it difficult to walk. This is bad luck, but nothing more serious happened. This will result in something bad. Line Five—yang A melon wrapped with willow sprigs radiating from within descends from the heaven.

However, no disaster happened. Gathering indicates success.

The king sits in the court. This is the right time for a capable man to appear, for success and for predicting the future. It is auspicious to offer a grand sacrifice and for a good future. Bottom line—yin No proper accommodation was arranged for the war prisoners so they gathered together in a messy state, some shouting and some screaming. They became happy when they were accommodated in a big room. There seemed no need to worry, for there would be no trouble. Line Two—yin Good luck was extended and no mistakes were made.

The prisoners could be used in the sacrifice ceremony in summer. While they share common characteristics, they are also unique in their own way. Only by working hard to develop their uniqueness, can they benefit each other. If we measure and comment the uniqueness of one thing only by using that of another, we may result in distorting, or even concealing its uniqueness, thus bringing harm to this world where all civilizations tend to mix together.

With the intention of doing my' bit towards furthering Western and Eastern cultural exchange, I have tried for the first time in the history of the research of the Book of Changes and that of fine art to illustrate this hook.

Now with illustrations, I hope I have presented my readers with a more vivid and easier explanation of this ancient classic. At the request of many foreign readers, this book is now published by the Foreign Languages Press in English, French, German and Spanish. This will no doubt benefit the cultural exchange between China and the West. It should noted that the content in this book mainly contains the hexagram and yaoci, or line readings, in the Book of Changes, and the explanation of the diagram of the Supreme Ultimate, the core of the Book of Changes.

For ease of reading, l did not list all the sources. It is my hope that my foreign readers will like the Book of Changes and thus, this illustrated one. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr.

Kang Yin, Mr. Liu Dajun and Mr. Zhang Yansheng, who have given me great assistance in my research of the Book of Changes. My thanks also go to the Foreign Languages Press for its support in translating and publishing this book.

At the Beijing Studio, Explanation of the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate The diagram of the Supreme Ultimate represents the pattern of the universe and was created by China's great philosophers in early antiquity. It has long been the logo of the Book of Changes, fixed in the mind's eye of scholars who study this sacred text. Using the simplest of patterns, the diagram of the Supreme Ultimate expresses what the ancient Chinese understood about the principles of the universe.

Most scholars think it appeared around A. In my opinion, however, the earliest, most comprehensive and vivid description of it can be found in the Dao De Jing, or The Classic of the Virtue of the Dao by Lao Li often Lao-tzu , prior to Confcius. The universe is divided into contains yang, just like a person: On and rang. Yang contains yin and in standing in the sun one side faces the sun Sang the other side bears the shadow yin ; and the shadow embraces the sun—they mix together.

Lao Zi held that everything in the universe was called "existence," which was produced by "nonexistence," or the Dan. In other words,"one produced two. The Thirty-six Tricks a hook written by an unknown writer and has long been taken seriously by strategists of past dynasties—mentions that "vin is included in rang, rather than opposite to yang. These complicated relations between yin and yang form everything in the universe.

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In order to show an interrelated and transformable relations among the above yin and yang, an s-shaped line is used to separate the black and white—the yin and yang—on the diagram of the Supreme Ultimate. It should be pointed out that the graphic diagram is not just two dimensional. The three-dimensional diagram drawn by computer can better illustrate this ancient, yet vital cliagram of the Supreme Ulnmate. At the Beijing Studio vi The supreme ultimate produces two The non-ultimate produces the supreme ultimate.

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